Ailanthus glandulosa (Ail)

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Chinese Sumach

Generals: This remedy shows by its peculiar skin symptoms its pronounced power of disorganizing the blood, causing conditions we meet with in low fevers, low types of eruptive diseases, diphtheria, follicular tonsillitis, Streptococcus infection, Haemorrhagic diathesis, etc. The skin appears livid or purplish; face dark as mahogany, hot; sordes; throat swollen, purple, livid; semi-conscious, delirious; weak pulse, general torpor and prostration. Symptoms remarkably alike to malignant scarlatina. Diarrhoea, dysentery and great weakness are very marked. Adynamia characterizes all its conditions. Lividity, stupor and malignancy. Mucous membranes haemorrhagic and ulcerative (Lachesis mutaLach, Arsenicum albumArs).

Head: General stupor, with sighing. Confused mind, mental depression. Headache, frontal, with drowsiness. Passive congestion headaches. Suffused, dilated eyes; photophobia. Face dusky. Thin, copious, ichorous, bloody nasal discharge.

Throat: Inflamed, oedematous, dusky red. Much swelling, internal and external. Dry, rough, scraping, choking feeling. Neck tender and swollen. Hoarse, croupy voice. Tongue dry and brown. Teeth covered with sordes. Pain in swallowing extends to the ears.

Respiratory: Hurried breathing; irregular. Dry, hacking cough. Lungs sore and tired.

Sleep: Drowsy, restless. Heavy, disturbed, unrefreshing.

Skin: Miliary, livid rash, returns annually. Large blisters filled with dark serum. Irregular, patchy, livid eruption, disappearing on pressure. Cold. Raynaud's disease.


Antidotes: Rhus toxicodendronRhus-t, Nux vomicaNux-v.

Compare: Ammonium carbonicumAm-c, Baptisia tinctoriaBapt, Arnica montanaArn, Muriaticum acidumMur-ac, Lachesis mutaLach, Rhus toxicodendronRhus-t.

Dose: First to sixth potency.