Ammonium benzoicum (Am-be)

Benzoate of Ammonia

Generals: One of the remedies for albuminuria, especially in the gouty. Gout, with deposits in joints. Urinary incontinence in the aged.

Head: Heavy, stupid.

Face: Bloated, swollen eyelids. Swelling under tongue like ranula.

Urine: Smoky, scanty. Albuminous and thick deposits.

Back: Pain across sacrum, with urgency to stool. Soreness in region of right kidney.


Compare: Terebinthiniae oleumTer, Benz acBenz ac, Ammonia saltsAmmonia salts, CausticumCaust. In albuminuria

Compare: KalmiaKalmia, Helonias dioicaHelon, Merc corMerc cor, Berberis vulgarisBerb, Cantharis vesicatorCanth.

Dose: Second trituration.