Aranea diadema (Aran)

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Source Information

Papal-Cross Spider

Generals: All spider poisons powerfully affect the nervous system (See tarentula, Mygale, etc). All symptoms of Aranea are characterized by periodicity, and coldness, and great susceptibility to dampness. It is the remedy for the constitution favorable to malarial poisoning, where every damp day or place favors chilliness. Patient feels cold to the very bones. Coldness not relieved by anything. Feeling as if parts were enlarged and heavier. Wake up at night with hands feeling twice their natural size. Spleen swollen. Hydrogenoid Constitution, i.e, Abnormal sensitiveness to damp and cold, inability to live near fresh water, lakes, rivers, etc, or in damp, chilly places (Natrium sulphuricumNat-s, Thuja occidentalisThuj).

Head: Pain in right trifacial nerve from periphery inwards. Confusion; better by smoking in open air. Heat and flickering in eyes; worse in damp weather. Sudden violent pain in teeth at night immediately after lying down.

Female: Menses too early, too copious. Distention of abdomen. Lumbo-abdominal neuralgia.

Chest: Pain in intercostal nerve from nerve endings to spine. Bright red haemorrhage from lungs (Millefolium officinaleMill; Ferrum phosphoricumFerr-p).

Stomach: Cramps after eating a little; epigastrium painful to pressure.

Abdomen: Enlarged spleen. Colic returns same hours. Heaviness in lower abdomen, as of a stone. Diarrhoea. Arms and legs feel as if asleep.

Extremities: Bone-pains in extremities. Pain in os calcis. Sensation of swelling, and of parts going to sleep.

Sleep: Restless and waking, as if hands and forearms were swollen and heavy.

Fever: Coldness, with pain in long bones, and feeling of stone in abdomen at the same hour daily. Chilly day and night; always worse during rain.


Worse: Damp weather; late in afternoon, and at midnight.

Better: Smoking tobacco.

Relations: Tela araneaeTela - Spider's web. - Cardiac sleeplessness, increased muscular energy. Excitement and nervous agitation in febrile states. Dry asthma, harassing coughs; periodic headaches with extreme nervous erethism. Obstinate intermittents. Acts immediately on arterial system, pulse full, strong, compressible. Lowers pulse rate frequency. Masked periodical diseases, hectic, broken down patients. Symptoms come on suddenly with cool, clammy skin. Numbness of hands and legs when at rest. Continued chilliness. Aranea scinenciaAran-s - Grey Spider - (constant twitching of under eyelids. Sleepiness. Worse in warm room). Heloderma horridum & suspectumHelo, CedronCedr, Arsenicum albumArs.

Dose: Tincture to thirtieth potency.