Cajuputum (Caj)

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Cajuput Oil


Generals: Acts like Oil of Cloves. A remedy for flatulence and affections of the tongue. Sense of enlargement. Causes copious diaphoresis. Retrocedent gout. Neuralgic affections not inflammatory. Nervous dyspnoea.

Head: Feels much enlarged. As if he could not get himself together (Baptisia tinctoriaBapt).

Mouth: Persistent sensation of choking. Spasmodic stricture of oesophagus. Constricted sensation on swallowing solid food. Tongue feels swollen, fills whole mouth.

Stomach: Hiccough, on slightest provocation.

Abdomen: Flatulence colic; tympanites (Terbium metallicumTerb). Nervous distention of bowels. Urine smells like cat's urine. Spasmodic cholera.

Modalities: Worse, about 5 am; night.


Compare: BovistaBov, Nux moschataNux-m, Asa foetidaAsaf, Ignatia amaraIgn, Baptisia tinctoriaBapt.

Dose: First to third potency (5 drops of oil).