Calcarea acetica (Calc-acet)

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Acetate of Lime

Generals: Has had brilliant clinical results in inflammation of mucous membranes characterized by a membranous exudation; otherwise its action and application is like the carbonate. Cancer pains.

Head: Vertigo in open air. Senses obscure while reading. Megrim, with great coldness in head and sour taste.

Female: Membranous dysmenorrhoea (Borax).

Respiratory: Rattling expiration. Cough loose, with expectoration of large pieces like casts of bronchial tubes. Breathing difficult; better bending shoulders backward. Constrictive anxious sensation in chest.


Compare: BromumBrom, BoraxBorax; also Calc oxalCalc oxal, in excruciating pains of open cancer.

Dose: Third trituration.