Alcoholus sulphuris / Carboneum Sulphuratum (Carbn-s)


Alcohol Sulphuris-Bisulphide of Carbon

Generals: This drug has a deep and disorganizing action and an immense range of action judging from the symptomatology. Very useful in patients broken down by abuse of alcohol. Sensitive patients worse cold, wasted muscles, and skin and mucous membranes anaesthetic. Special affinity for eyes. Chronic rheumatism, sensitive and cold. Lack of vital heat. Diarrhoea every four to six weeks. Paralysis with intense congestion of nerve centers. Tabes. Sensory difficulties in limbs.

Impotence, sciatica, come within the therapeutic sphere of this remedy. Chronic plumbism. Diminished sensibility of arms, hands and feet. Peripheral neuritis.

Mind: Irritable, anxious, intolerant; stupor. Sluggishness of mind. Hallucinations of sight and hearing. Changeable mood. Dementia alternating with excitement.

Head: Headache and dizziness. Aches as from a tight cap. Ears feel obstructed. Noises in head. Ulceration of the lips, anaesthesia of mouth and tongue.

Eyes: Myopia, asthenopia, and dis-chromotopia, cloudiness and atrophy of optic disc and central scotoma for light and for red and green not for white. Optic neuritis advancing toward atrophy. Arteries and veins congested. Retinal congestion; optic disc pale. Everything seems in a fog. Vision greatly impaired. Color-blindness.

Ears: Hearing impaired. Buzzing and singing noises like an aeolian harp. Tinnitus aurium.} Meniere's disease.Tinnitus aurium. Meniere's disease].

Abdomen: Pain with wandering swellings as from flatus. Distention, with soreness and rumbling.

Male: Desire lost, parts atrophied. Frequent profuse emissions.

Extremities: Herpes on dorsal surface of hands. Sore, bruised limbs; anaesthesia of arms and hands. Cramps in limbs. Lightning-like pains, with cramps. Fingers swollen, insensible, rigid, stiff. Gait unsteady, tottering; worse in dark. Feet insensible. Sciatica.} Flying pains, returning regularly for a long time.Sciatica. Flying pains, returning regularly] for a long time. Pain in lower limbs, with cramps and formication. Neuritis.

Sleep: Deep morning sleep with anxious, vexatious dreams.

Skin: Anaesthesia; burning; itching; ulcers; small wounds fester. Useful to restrain the growth of cancer. Furunculosis. Chronic skin diseases with much itching.


Better: > in open air.

Worse: < after breakfast; < bathing. Sensitive to warm, damp, weather.


Compare: Potass xantatePotass xantate (=Kalium xanthogenicumKali-x?) - (Similar in action. Acts on cortical substance; loss of memory, marked blood degeneration; impotence and senility). Tuberculinum bovinum KentTub, RadiumRad, Carbo vegetabilisCarb-v, SulphurSulph, CausticumCaust, Salicylicum acidumSal-ac, Cinchoninum sulphuricumCinch-s; In eye symptoms.

Compare: Benz-dinitBenz-dinit ThyreoidinumThyr (progressive diminution of sight with central Scotoma).

Dose: First attenuation. Locally in facial neuralgia and sciatica.