Carlsbad aqua (Carl)

The Waters of the Sprudel Springs


Generals: Famous for its action on the liver and in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and gout. In homeopathic potencies useful in weakness of all organs, constipation, great liability to take cold. Periodicity, effects repeated after from two to four weeks (Oxalicum acidumOx-ac; SulphurSulph). Flashes of heat all over. Itching on various parts.

Mind: Discouraged and anxious about domestic duties.

Head: Aches, with swollen temporal veins (Sanguinaria canadensisSang); better, motion, in open air.

Face: Yellow; sallow; red and hot; pain in zygomatic process; feels as if cobwebs were on it.

Stomach: Tongue coated white. Offensive smell from mouth. Furry sensation. Sour or salty taste. Hiccough and yawning. Heartburn (Carbo vegetabilisCarb-v).

Urine: Stream weak and slow; only passed by pressing abdominal muscles.

Rectum: Feces held back. Stool slow, and only passed by much abdominal pressure. Burning in rectum and anus. Bleeding piles.


Compare: Natrium sulphuricumNat-s, Nux vomicaNux-v.

Dose: Lower potencies.