Cocainum hydrochloricum (Cocain)

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An Alkaloid from Erythroxylon Coca


Generals: Besides the great usefulness of Cocaine as a local anaesthetic, it has specific homeopathic uses, though the symptoms are mainly clinical only. Sensation as if small foreign bodies or worms were under the skin.

Mind: Talkative. Constant desire to do something great, to undertake vast feats of strength. Cerebral activity. Frightful persecutory hallucinations; sees and feels bugs and worms. Moral sense blunted. Personal appearance neglected. Thinks he hears unpleasant remarks about himself. Hallucinations of hearing. Irrational jealousy. Insomnia.

Head: Throbbing and bursting sensation. Pupils dilated. Hearing greatly increased. Roaring and noises in head.

Eyes: Glaucoma, increased tension, decreased corneal sensibility. Eyes staring, expressionless.

Throat: Dry, burning, tickling, constricted, paralysis of muscles of deglutition. Speech difficult.

Stomach: Loss of appetite for solid food. 2[Likes sweets. Haemorrhages from bowels, stomach.

Nervous system: Chorea; paralysis agitans; alcoholic tremors and senile trembling. Local sensory paralysis. Formication and numbness in hands and forearms.

Sleep: Restless, cannot sleep for hours after retiring.

Fever: Coldness with intense pallor.


Compare: StovainumStovain (an analgesic, a vasomotor dilator). Antidote to disagreeable effects occasionally resulting from injection of cocaine into skin or gums, drop doses of nitroglycer. 1% sol.

Dose: Lower potencies. As a local application to mucous membranes, 2-4 %.