Coccinella septempunctata (Cocci-s)

Source Information

Lady Bug

Generals: This remedy ought to be remembered in neuralgias, teeth, gums, mouth, etc. Is awakened by profuse accumulation of saliva. Uvula feels too long. Symptoms of hydrophobia; worse, by any bright object.

Head: Pain in forehead over right eye, sensitive to touch; from superior molars to forehead. Aching in temples and occiput. Rush of blood to face. Throbbing toothache.} Cold sensation in teeth and mouth (Cistus canadensisCist).Throbbing toothache. Cold sensation in teeth] and mouth (R[Cist]). Periodical attacks of frontal neuralgia. Cannot open eyes during paroxysm. Pain worse from any bright object; better, sleep.

Stomach: Hiccough and burning in stomach.

Back: Pain in region of kidneys and loins. Icy cold extremities.


Compare: Cantharis vesicatorCanth, Magn-cMagn-c.

Dose: Third potency.