Crocus sativus (Croc)

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Generals: Is a remedy often useful in haemorrhages that are black and stringy. Tingling in various parts. Chorea and hysterical affections. Frequent and extreme changes in sensations and mental conditions. Anger with violence followed by repentance, Laughing mania. Drowsiness and lassitude; better by literary labor.

Mind: Vacillating; pleasant mania; sings and laughs. Happy and affectionate; then angry. Sudden changes from hilarity to melancholy. Vivid recollection from music heard (Lycopodium clavatumLyc).

Head: Throbs, pulsates, during climacteric; worse during menses.

Eyes: Appearance as of electric sparks. Must wipe eyes as if mucus or water were in them. Feeling in eyes as after violent weeping. Sensation as if she had been looking through too sharp spectacles. Eyes feel as if in smoke. Pupils enlarged and react slowly. Lids heavy. Ciliary neuralgia, pain from eyes to top of head. Sensation as if cold air was rushing through eye (Fluoricum acidumFl-ac; SyphilinumSyph). Asthenopia with extreme photophobia. Threatened glaucoma; embolism of arteria centralis retinal.

Nose: Epistaxis. Dark, stringy, clotted.} Strings of dark blood hanging down the nose.Dark, stringy, clotted. Strings of dark blood] hanging down the nose.

Abdomen: Obstinate constipation due to portal stagnation. Constipation in infants. Crawling and stitches in anus. Sensation of something alive in abdomen, stomach, etc.Sensation of something alive in abdomen, stomach, etc. , especially on left side (Calendula officinalisCalen). Abdomen swollen, feeling of something heavy.

Female: Threatened abortion, especially when haemorrhage is dark and stringy. Urging of blood to genitals. Menses dark, viscid, too frequent and copious, black and slimy. Uterine haemorrhage; clots with long strings; worse from least movement. Jerking pain in interior of left breast, as if drawn toward back by means of thread (Croton tigliumCroto-t). A bounding feeling, as if something alive in right breast.

Respiratory: Wheezy cough, with frothy expectoration, containing threads like fine twine; worse, lying down. Breath has offensive, sickly smell. Feeling as if the uvula is elongated in hysterical patients.

Back: Sudden feeling of coldness in back as if cold water were thrown over him; icy-cold extremities.

Extremities: Spasmodic contractions and twitchings of single set of muscles. Chorea and hysteria, with great alterations of feeling. Whole upper extremity fall asleep. Cracking in hip-joint and knees. Weakness in knees and legs. Pain in ankles and soles.


Worse: Worse, lying down, hot weather, warm room, in morning, fasting, before breakfast, looking fixedly at an object.

Better: Better, in open air.


Antidote: Opium (crudum)Op, BelladonnaBell

Compare: IpecacuanhaIp, Trillium pendulumTril, Platinum metallicumPlat, China officinalisChin, SabinaSabin.

Dose: Tincture, to thirtieth attenuation.