Cypripedium pubescens (Cypr)

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Yellow Lady's Slipper


Generals: The skin symptoms correspond to those of poisoning by Rhus, for which it has been found an efficient antidote. Nervousness in children; from teething and intestinal troubles. Debility after gout. Hydrocephaloid symptoms, result of long, exhausting diarrhoea. Sleeplessness. Cerebral hyperasthesia in young children often the result of overstimulation of brain.

Head: Child cries out at night; is wakeful and begins to laugh and play. Headaches of elderly people and during climacteric.


Compare: Ambra griseaAmbr, Kalium bromatumKali-br, Scutellaria laterifloraScut, Valeriana officinalisValer, Ignatia amaraIgn. Skin relatives: Grindelia robusta / Grindelia squarrosaGrin, Anacardium orientaleAnac.

Dose: Tincture, to sixth attenuation. For Poison Oak, 5 drops of tincture per dose, also locally.