Ilex aquifolium (Ilx-a)

Source Information

American Holly

Generals: Intermittent fever. Marked eye symptoms, spleen pain. All symptoms better in winter.

Eye: Infiltration of cornea; staphyloma; nightly burning in orbits, rheumatic inflammation of eye; psilosis.

Relations: Ilex paraguayensisIlex paraguayensis-Yerba Mate - (Persistent epigastric pain; sense of dryness of mouth and pharynx, anorexia, pyrosis, nervous depression, neurasthenia. Somnolence; incapacity for work, diminution of urinary secretion, headache and pruritus. Hemicrania. Renal colic. Is said to be of use as a prophylactic against sunstroke, being a safe stimulant to the circulation, to diaphoresis and diuresis). Ilex vomitoriaIlex vomitoria - Yaupon - (Emetic properties-Possesses also tonic and digestive qualities, free from sleepless effects. Has an active principle said to act as a powerful diuretic-employed in nephritis and gout). Ilex cassineIlex cassine - (Christmas berry Tea)-Excellent diuretic and substitute for tea.