Jacaranda caroba (Jac-c)

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Brazilian Caroba-tree


Generals: Has reputation as a remedy in venereal diseases and rheumatism. Morning sickness. The urinary and sexual symptoms are important. Rheumatic symptoms.

Head: Vertigo on rising, with heavy forehead. Eyes pain; are inflamed and watery. Coryza with heavy head.

Throat: Sore, dry, constricted. Vesicles in pharynx.

Urinary: Urethra inflamed; discharge of yellow matter.

Male: Heat and pain in penis; painful erections; phimosis. Prepuce painful and swollen. Chancroid. Chordee. Itching pimples on glans and prepuce.

Extremities: Rheumatic pain in right knee. Weakness of lumbar region. Morning soreness and stiffness of muscles. Gonorrhoeal rheumatism. Itching pimples on hands. Gonorrhoeal and syphilitic arthritis.


Compare: Thuja occidentalisThuj, Corallium rubrumCor-r, Jacaranda gualandaiJac (in syphilitic symptoms, especially of eye and throat. Chancroids; atonic ulcers. Dark, painless diarrhoea).

Dose: Tincture, to third potency.