Jalapa (Jal)




Generals: Causes and cures colic and diarrhoea. The child is good all day, but screams and is restless and troublesome at night.

Gastro-intestinal. - Tongue, smooth, glazed, dry, smarting. - Pain in right hypochondrium. Flatulence and nausea. Pinching and griping. Watery diarrhoea; thin, muddy stools. Abdomen distended. Face cold and blue. Anus sore.

Extremities: Aching in arms and legs. Pain in large joint of great toe. Smarting at root of nail. Burning of soles.


Antidotes: ElaterElater, Cann satCann sat.

Compare: Camphora officinalisCamph, ColocyColocy.

Dose: Third to twelfth potency.