Kalium silicicum (Kali-sil)

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Silicate of Potash


Generals: A deep-acting remedy. Lassitude is very marked. Desire to lie down all the time. Emaciation.

Head: Absent-minded, anxious, indolent, timid. Feeble will power. Head congested, blood surges from body to head. Vertigo, coldness of head; photophobia. Nasal catarrh, discharge bloody, excoriating, offensive nose, swollen, ulcerated.

Gastric: Weight in stomach after eating, nausea, pain, flatulence. Pain in liver region. Constipation. Construction of anus during stool.

Extremities: Stiffness over body and limbs. Creeping sensation over limbs. Twitching of muscles. Weak and weary.


Worse: Open air. Drafts. Cold. Exertion. Motion. Uncovering. Bathing.

Dose: Higher potencies.