Lupulus humulus (Lup)



Generals: Is a good remedy in unstrung conditions of the nervous system attended with nausea, dizziness, headache following a night's debauch. Infantile jaundice, Urethral burning. Drawing and twitching in almost every muscle. Nervous tremors; wakefulness and delirium of drunkards. Giddiness and stupefaction. Slow pulse. Perspiration profuse, clammy, greasy.

Head: Morbid vigilance. Highly excited. Dull, heavy headache with dizziness. Drawing and twitching in every muscle.

Sleep: Drowsy during the day. Sopor.

Male: Painful erections. Emissions, depending on sexual weakness and after organism. Spermatorrhoea.

Skin: Scarlatina-like eruption on face. Feels like insects crawling under skin; feels chapped, skin peels.


Antidotes: CoffeaCoffea, VinegarVinegar.

Compare: Nux vomicaNux-v, UrticaUrtica, Cannabis indicaCann-i.

Dose: Tincture, to third potency. Lupulin 1X trit (Best in seminal emissions. Locally in painful cancers).