Mentha piperita (Menth)

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Generals: Stimulates the cold-perceiving nerves, so just after taking it, a current of air at the ordinary temperature seems cold. Marked action on respiratory organs and skin. Useful in gastrodynia, flatulent cold.

Abdomen: Bloated, disturbing sleep. Infantile colic. Bilious colic with great accumulation of gas.

Respiration: Voice husky. Tip of nose to touch. Throat dry and sore, as if pin crosswise in it. Dry cough, worse from air into larynx, tobacco smoke, fog, talking; with irritation in suprasternal fossa (Rumex). Trachea painful to touch.

Skin: Every scratch becomes a sore. Itching of arm and hand when writing. Vaginal pruritus. Herpes zoster (Ars; Ran bulb).


Compare: Rumex crispusRumx, LachesLaches, Mentha pulegiumMentha pulegium - European pennyroyal - (pain in bones of forehead and extremities). Mentha viridisMentha viridis-Spearmint - (scanty urine with frequent desire).

Dose: Tincture, 1 to 20 drops, to thirtieth potency. Locally, in pruritus vaginae.