Mygale lasiodora (Mygal)

Source Information

Black Cuban Spider

Generals: Weakness, palpitation, nervousness, fear, like other spider preparations. Chorea is the principal therapeutic field of this. Sexual symptoms are important.

Mind: Delirious, restless, sad; fears death; despondent.

Face: Twitching of facial muscles. Mouth and eyes open in rapid succession. Hot and flushed. Tongue dry and parched; put out with difficulty. Head jerked to one side. Grating of teeth at night.

Stomach: Nausea, with dim sight. Aversion to food. Excessive thirst.

Male: Violent erections. Chordee (Kali brom; Camph).

Extremities: Unsteady gait. Constant motion of whole body. Tremulous. Intense redness in streaks, following course of lymphatics. Twitching of limbs. Restless hands. Convulsive, uncontrollable movements of arms and legs. Limbs drag while walking.


Compare: Agaricus muscariusAgar, TarantTarant, Cuprum metallicumCupr, ZiziaZizia.

Modalities: Better, during sleep. Worse, in morning.

Dose: Third to thirtieth potency.