Nuphar luteum (Nuph)

Source Information

Yellow Pond-lily

Generals: Produces nervous weakness, with marked symptoms in the sexual sphere.

Male: Complete absence of sexual desire; parts relaxed; penis retracted. Impotency, with involuntary emissions during stool, when urinating. Spermatorrhoea. Pain in testicles and penis.

Stool: Entero-colitis. Yellow diarrhoea; worse in the morning. Diarrhoea during typhoid.


Compare: in sexual weakness; AgnusAgnus, Kali bromKali brom, Lycopodium clavatumLyc, SelenSelen, YohimbinYohimbin. In diarrhoea: Chelidonium majusChel, GambogGambog, SulphurSulph, Nymphea odorataNymphea odorata-Sweet Water Lily - (early morning diarrhoea, backache); acrid leucorrhoea, offensive ulcers; bronchorrhoea; ulcerative sore throat.

Dose: Tincture to sixth potency.