Ocimum canum (Oci)

Source Information

Brazilian Alfavaca

Generals: Is to be remembered in diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urethra. Uric acid diathesis. Red sand in the urine is its chief characteristic, and frequently verified. Swelling of glands, inguinal and mammary. Renal colic, especially right side. Symptoms of renal calculus are pronounced.

Urine: High acidity, formation of spike crystals of uric acid. Turbid, thick, purulent, bloody; brick-dust red or yellow sediment. Odor of musk. Pain in ureters. Cramps in kidneys.

Male: Heat and swelling of left testicle.

Female: Valva swollen; darting pain in labia. Nipples painful to least contact. Breasts feel full and tense; itching. Prolapsus vaginae.


Compare: Berberis vulgarisBerb, HedeomaHedeoma, Lycopodium clavatumLyc, Pareira bravaPareir, UrticaUrtica.

Dose: Sixth to thirtieth potency.