Ovi gallinae pellicula (Ovi-g-p)

Membrane of Egg-shell

Generals: Sudden pains. Bearing-down sensation. Intolerance of bands on wrist, arms, waist, etc. Backache and pain in left hip. Debility. Pain in heart and left ovary.


Compare: Calcarea carbonicaCalc, Naja tripudiansNaja, Ova tosta-tosta praeparataOva tosta-tosta praeparata-Roasted egg-shells-Calcarea ovorum - (leucorrhoea and backache. A feeling as if the spine were broken and wired, or tied together with a string. Pain of cancer. Warts). Also Egg vaccine for asthmaEgg vaccine for asthma. Much interest is shown in Dr. Fritz Talbot's method to cure one form of asthma in children by the use of egg vaccine. Asthma due to susceptibility of the proteid substance in eggs can be cured by immunizing against egg poisons by repeated doses of egg white. After the skin has been cleansed with soap and alcohol the egg-white is rubbed into a slight scratch.