Oxytropis lamberti (Oxyt)

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Generals: Marked action on nervous system. Trembling, sensation of emptiness. Walks backwards. Congestion of spine and paralysis. Pains come and go quickly. Sphincters relaxed. Staggering gait. Reflexes lost.

Mind: Desires to be alone. Disinclined to work or talk. Worse, thinking of symptoms (Oxalic ac). Mental depression. Vertigo (Granatum).

Head: Vertigo. Full, warm feeling about head. Feeling of intoxication, with loss of vision. Pain in maxillary bones and masseter muscles. Mouth and nose dry.

Eyes: Sight obscured; pupils contracted; do not respond to light. Paralysis of nerves and muscles of eyes.

Stomach: Eructations with colicky pains. Epigastrium tender.

Rectum: Sphincter seems relaxed. Stools slip from anus, like lumps of jelly, mushy.

Urine: Urging to urinate when thinking of it. Profuse flow. Pain in kidneys (Berberis).

Male: No desire or ability. Pain in testicles and along spermatic cord and down thighs.

Extremities: Pain along ulnar nerve. Numb feeling about spine. Staggering gait. Loss of co-ordination. Patellar tendon reflex lost. Pains come and go quickly, but muscles remain sore and stiff.

Sleep: Restless, dreams of quarrel.

Modalities: Worse, thinking of symptoms (mono-maniac tendency). Worse, every other day. Better, after sleep.


Compare: AstragAstrag, LathyrLathyr, Oxal acOxal ac, BarytaBaryta (Loco plant is rich in Baryta). LoliumLolium.

Dose: Third potency and higher.