Pix liquida (Pix)


Generals: Tar and its constituents act on various mucous membranes. Its skin symptoms most important. A great cough medicine. Bronchial irritation after influenza (KreosotumKreos; Kalium bichromicumKali-bi). Scaly eruptions. Much itching. Constant vomiting of blackish fluid, with pain in stomach. Alopecia (Fluoricum acidumFl-ac).

Chest: Pain at a spot about the third left costal cartilage where it joins the rib. Rales through the lungs, and muco-purulent sputum; offensive odor and taste. Chronic bronchitis.

Skin: Cracked; itches intolerably; bleeds on scratching. Eruptions on back of hands.

Relations: Compare its constituents: KreosotumKreos, Petroleum (crudum)Petr, Pinus silvestrisPin-s, EupionumEupi, Terebinthiniae oleumTer, Carbolicum acidumCarb-ac.

Dose: First to sixth potency.