Prunus spinosa (Prun)

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Generals: Special action on the urinary organs and head. Very valuable in certain neuralgias, anasarca, and especially oedema pedum. Ankle and foot feel sprained. Ciliary neuralgia (Spig).

Head: Pressing-asunder pain beneath skull. Shooting from right frontal bone through brain to occiput. Pain in right eyeball, as if it would burst. Piercing toothache, as if teeth were pulled out; worse, taking anything warm.

Eyes: Ciliary neuralgia. Bursting pain in right eyeball shooting like lightning through the brain to occiput. Sudden pain in left eye as if it would burst, better by lachrymation. Irido-choroiditis. Opacity of vitreous humor. Eyes feel as if bursting.

Abdomen: Ascites. Cramp-like pain in bladder region; worse, walking.

Rectum: Hard, nodular stool, with rectal pain, as if angular body were pressed inward. Burning in anus after slimy diarrhoea.

Urine: Tenesmus of bladder. Ineffectual effort to urinate. Hurriedly impelled to urinate; the urine seems to pass as far as glans, and then returns and causes pain in urethra. Neuralgic dysuria. Must press a long time before urine appears.

Respiratory: Wheezing when walking. Oppression of chest; anxious, short respiration. Angina pectoris. Furious beating of heart; worse, slightest motion.

Skin: Herpes zoster. Dropsy. Itching on tips of fingers, as if frozen.


Compare: LaurocLauroc, Prumus padusPrumus padus-Bird - cherry - (sore throat, pressure behind sternum and sticking pain in rectum); Prunus virginianaPrunus virginiana-Wild Cherry - (Heart tonicHeart tonic; relieves the flagging and distended ventricle; irritable heart; dilatation of right heart; CoughCough, Worse at night on lying downWorse at night on lying down; weak digestion, especially in elderly people; chronic bronchitis; increases muscular tone); Pyrus americanaPyrus-Mountain Ash - (irritation of eyes; constriction around waist; spasmodic pains in uterus, bladder, heart, cold-water sensation in stomach, coldness extends up oesophagus; neuralgic and gouty pains).

Dose: Third to sixth potency.