Psorinum (Psor)

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Scabies Vesicle

Generals: The therapeutic field of this remedy is found in so-called psoric manifestations. Psorinum is a cold medicine; wants the head kept warm, wants warm clothing even in summer. S{Extreme sensitiveness to cold}. Debility, independent of any organic disease, especially the weakness remaining after acute diseaseExtreme sensitiveness to cold. Debility], independent of any organic disease, especially the weakness remaining after acute disease. Lack of reaction, iLack of reaction], i.e, phagocytes defective; when well-chosen remedies fail to act. Scrofulous patients. Secretions have a filthy smell. Profuse sweating. Cardiac weakness. Skin symptoms very prominent. Often gives immunity from cold-catching. Easy perspiration when walking. Syphilis, inherited and tertiary. Offensive dischargesOffensive discharges].

Mind: Hopeless; despairs of recovery. Melancholy, deep and persistent; religiousMelancholy], deep and persistent; religious. Suicidal tendency.

Head: Awakens at night with pain as from blow on head. Chronic headaches; hungry during attacks; with vertigo. Hammering pain; brain feels too large; worse, change of weather. Dull, pressive pain in occiput. Humid eruption on scalp; hair matted. Hair dry.

Eyes: Agglutinated. Blepharitis. Chronic ophthalmia, that constantly recursChronic ophthalmia, that constantly recurs]. Edges of lids red. Secretion acrid.

Mouth: Obstinate rhagades at corners. Tongue, gums ulcerated; tough mucus of foul taste adheres to soft palate.

Nose: Dry, coryza, with stoppage of nose. Chronic catarrh; dropping from posterior nares. Acne rosacea.

Ears: Raw, red, oozing scabs around ears. Sore pain behind ears. Herpes from temples over ears to cheeks. S{Offensive discharge from eczema around ears}. Intolerable itchingOffensive discharge from eczema around ears. Intolerable itching]. Chronic otorrhoea. Most fetid pus from ears, brownish, offensiveMost fetid pus from ears], brownish, offensive.

Face: Swelling of upper lip. Pale, delicate. Humid eruption on faceHumid eruption on face]. Sickly.

Throat: Tonsils greatly swollen; painful swallowing, with pain in ears. Profuse, offensive saliva; tough mucus in throat. Recurring quinsy. Eradicates tendency to quinsyEradicates tendency to quinsy]. Hawking up of cheesy, pea-like balls of disgusting smell and taste (Agar).

Stomach: Eructations like bad eggs. Very hungry always; must have something to eat in the middle of the nightVery hungry always]; 2[must have something to eat in the middle of the night]. Nausea; vomiting of pregnancy. Pain in abdomen after eating.

Stool: Mucous, bloody, excessively fetid, dark fluid. Hard, difficult stool, with blood from rectum and burning piles. Constipation of infants, in pale, sickly scrofulous childrenConstipation of infants], in pale, sickly scrofulous children.

Female: Leucorrhoea fetid, lumpy, with much backache and debilityLeucorrhoea] fetid, lumpy, with much backache and 2[debility]. Mammae swollen and painful. Pimples oozing an acrid fluid that burns and excoriates the glands.

Respiratory: Asthma, with dyspnoea; worse, sitting up; better, lying down and keeping arms spread wide apart. Dry, hard cough, with great weakness in chest. Feeling of ulceration under sternumFeeling of ulceration under sternum]. Pain in chest; better, lying down. Cough returns every winter, from suppressed eruption. Hay-fever returning irregularly every yearHay-fever] returning irregularly every year.

Extremities: Weakness of joints, as if they would not hold together. Eruption around finger-nailsEruption around finger-nails]. Fetid foot-sweats.

Skin: Dirty, dingy look. Dry, lusterless, rough hair. Intolerable itchingIntolerable itching]. Herpetic eruptions, especially on scalp and bends of joints with itching; worse, from warmth of bed. Enlarged glands. Sebaceous glands secrete excessively; oily skin. Indolent ulcers, slow to heal. Eczema behind ears. Crusty eruptions all over. Urticaria after every exertion. Pustules near finger-nails.

Fever: Profuse, offensive perspiration; night-sweats.

Sleep: Sleepless from intolerable itching. Easily startled.


Worse: < coffee; Psorinum patient does not improve while using coffee. < changes of weather. < in hot sunshine. < from cold. -[Dread of least cold air or draft.

Better: > heat. > warm clothing. > even in summer.


Complementary: SulphurSulph.

Compare: Pediculus capitisPed - Pediculus -Head-louse- (psoric manifestations in children. Eruption on dorsum of hands, feet neck. Prurigo; pellagra. Unusual aptitude for study and work). Pediculus capitisPed - Pediculus (Cooties) transmit typhus and trench fever). In lack of reaction compare Calcarea carbonicaCalc and Natrium arsenicosumNat-ar, Bacillus Gaertner (Bach)Gaert (Pessimistic, lack of confidence, subjective troublesome eye symptoms, fear of heights. Urticaria. Use 30th and 200th (Wheeler).

Dose: Two hundredth and higher potencies. Should not be repeated too often. PsorinumPsor requires something like 9 days before it manifests its action, and even a single dose may elicit other symptoms lasting for weeks (Aegedi).