Ratanhia peruviana (Rat)




Generals: The rectal symptoms are most important, and have received much clinical confirmation. It has cured pterygium. Violent hiccough. Cracked nipples (GraphitesGraph; Euphrasia officinalisEuphr). Pin worms.

Head: Bursting in head after stool, and when sitting with head bent forward. Sensation as if scalp from nose to vertex were stretched.

Stomach: Pain like knives cutting the stomach.

Rectum: Aches, as if full of broken glass. Anus aches and burns for hours after stool. Feels constricted. Dry heat at anus, with sudden knife-like stitches. Stools must be forced with great effort; protrusion of haemorrhoids. Fissures of anus, with great constriction, burning like fire, as do the haemorrhoids; temporarily relieved by cold water. Fetid, thin diarrhoea; stools burn; burning pains before and after stools. Oozing at anus. Pin-worms (Santalum albumSanta; Teucrium marum verumTeucr; Spigelia anthelmiaSpig). Itching of anus.


Compare: Paeonia officinalisPaeon, Croton tigliumCroto-t (rectal neuralgia); Sanguinarinum nitricumSang-n (diseases of rectum); Macuna prurens-dolichos-pilesMacuna prurens-dolichos-piles, with burning; haemorrhoidal diathesis; Silico-sulphocalcite of aluminaSilico-sulphocalcite of alumina, StagStag-blast iron furnace cinder - (anal itching, piles, and constipation; housemaid's knee); abdominal flatulent distension and lumbago. Analogue to Lycopod.

Dose: Third to sixth potency. Locally, the Cerate has proved invaluable in many rectal complaints.