Rhus venenata (Rhus-v)



Generals: The skin symptoms of this species of Rhus are most severe.

Mind: Great melancholy; no desire to live, gloomy.

Head: Heavy, frontal headache; worse, walking or stooping. Eyes nearly closed with great swelling. Vesicular inflammation of ears. Nose red and shiny. Face swollen.

Tongue: Red at tip. Fissured in middle. Vesicles on under side.

Abdomen: Profuse, watery, white stools in morning, 4 am, with colicky pains; expelled with force. Pain in hypogastrium before every stool.

Extremities: Paralytic drawing in right arm, especially wrist, and extending to fingers.

Skin: Itching; relieved by hot water. Vesicles. Erysipelas; skin dark red. Erythema nodosum, with nightly itching and pains in long bones.

Relations: Antidote: ClematisClematis. The California Poison-oak (Rhus diversiloba) is identical with it. It antidotes RadiumRadium and follows it well.

Compare: AnacardAnacard.

Dose: Sixth to thirtieth potency.