Ricinus communis (Ric)

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Generals: Has marked action on gastro-intestinal tract. Increase the quantity of milk in nursing women. Vomiting and purging. Languor and weakness.

Head: Vertigo, occipital pain, congestive symptoms, buzzing in ears. Face pale, twitching of mouth.

Stomach: Anorexia with great thirst, burning in stomach, pyrosis, nausea profuse vomiting, pit of stomach sensitive. Mouth dry.

Abdomen: Rumbling with contraction of recti muscles, colic, incessant diarrhoea with purging. Rice water stools with cramps and chilliness.

Stool: Loose, incessant, painless, with painful cramps in muscles of extremities. Anus inflamed. Stools green, slimy, and bloody. Fever, emaciation, somnolence.


Compare: ResorcinResorcin (summer complaint with vomiting); destroys organic germs of putrefaction; Cholos terrapinaCholos terrapina (cramps of muscles). Arsenicum albumArs, Veratrum albumVerat.

Dose: Third potency. Five drops every four hours for increasing flow of milk; also locally a poultice of the leaves.