Rosa damascena (Ros-d)

Source Information

Damask Rose

Generals: Useful in the beginning of hay-fever, with involvement of Eustachian tube.

Ear: Hardness of hearing; tinnitus. Eustachian catarrh (Hydrastis canadensisHydr; Mercurius dulcisMerc-d).


Compare: in hay-fever: Phleum pratensePhle - Timothy grass - (Hay-fever with asthma; watery coryza, itching of nose and eyes; frequent sneezing, dyspnoea. Use 6-30 potency. Rabe). Succinicum acidumSucc-ac, SabadillaSabad, Euphorbium officinarumEuph, PsorinumPsor, Kalium iodatumKali-i, NaphthaNaph.

Dose: Lower potencies.