Salvia officinalis (Salv)

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Generals: Controls excessive sweating when circulation is enfeebled; of less use in phthisis with night-sweats and suffocating tickling cough. Galactorrhoea. Exerts a tonic influence on the skin.

Respiratory: Tickling cough, especially in consumption.

Skin: Soft, relaxed, with enfeebled circulation and cold extremities. Colliquative perspiration.


Compare: Chrysanhemum leucanthemumChrysanhemum leucanthemum - Ox-eye Daisy. Has specific action on sudoriparous glands. Quiets nervous system like CypripediumCypripedium. Right sided tearing pain in bones of jaw and temple. Pain in teeth and gums, worse touch, better warmth. Irritable and tearful. Here use 12x. Insomnia and night-sweatsInsomnia and night-sweats. For colliquative sweating and hyperaesthesia of nervous system. Material doses of tincture. PhellandPhelland, Tuberculinum bovinum KentTub, Salvia sclerataSalvia sclerata (tonic influence on nervous system; dose, teaspoonful to one pint hot water, as inhalent for sponging). Rubia tinctorumRubia tinctorum-Madder-A remedy for the spleen (CeanothusCeanothus). Chlorosis and amenorrhoea; tuberculosis. Anaemia; undernourished conditions; splenic anaemia. Dose, 10 drops of tincture.

Dose: Tincture, in twenty-drop doses, in a little water. The effects manifest themselves quickly two hours after taking a dose, and they persist for from two to six days.