Sanguinarinum nitricum (Sanguin-n)

Nitrate of Sanguinarine


Generals: Is of use in polypus of the nose. Acute and chronic catarrh. Acute pharyngitis (Wyethia helenoidesWye) Smarting and burning in throat and chest especially under sternum. Influenza. Lachrymation, pains in eyes and head, sore scalp; sensee of obstruction.sensee of obstruction. chronic follicular pharyngitis.

Nose: Feels obstructed.} Profuse, watery mucus, with burning pain.Feels obstructed. Profuse, watery mucus, with burning pain]. Enlarged turbinates at beginning of hypertrophic process. Secretion scant, tendency to dryness. Small crusts which bleed when removed. Post-nasal secretions adherent to nasopharynx, dislodged with difficulty. Dry and burning nostrils; watery mucus, with pressure over root of nose. Nostrils plugged with thick, yellow, bloody mucus. Sneezing. Rawness and soreness in posterior nares.

Throat: Rough, dry, constricted, burning. Right tonsil sore, swallowing difficult.

Mouth: Ulceration on the side of the tongue.

Respiratory: Short, hacking cough, with expectoration of thick, yellow, sweetish mucus. Pressure behind center of sternum. Dryness and burning in throat and bronchi. Tickling cough. Chronic nasal, laryngeal, and bronchial catarrh. Voice altered, deep, hoarse.


Compare: Sanguinarinum tartaricumSanguin-t (exophthalmos; mydriasis; dim vision); Arum triphyllumArum-t, PsorinumPsor, Kalium bichromicumKali-bi.

Dose: Third trituration.