Sempervivum tectorum (Semp)

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Generals: Is recommended for herpes, zoster and cancerous tumors. Scirrhous induration of tongue. Mammary carcinoma. Ring-worm. Haemorrhoids.

Mouth: Malignant ulcers of mouth. Cancer of tongue (Galium). Tongue has ulcers; bleed easily, especially at night; much soreness of tongue with stabbing pains. Whole mouth very tender.

Skin: Erysipelatous affections. Warts and corns. Aphthae. Flushed surface and stinging pains.


Compare: Sedum acreSedum acre-small Houseleek - (scorbutic conditions; ulcers, intermittent fever) (GaliumGalium, Kali cyanatKali cyanat). Oxalis acetosellaOxalis acetosella-Wood sorrel - (The inspissated juice used as a cautery to remove cancerous growths of the lips). Cotyledon. ficus caricaCotyledon. ficus carica - (FigFig)-The milky juice of the freshly broken stalk applied to warts; causes their disappearance.

Dose: Tincture and 2 decimal, also fresh juice of plant. Locally for bites of insect, stings of bees, and poisoned wounds, warts.