Succinum (Succ)

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Electron. Amber-A Fossil Resin

Generals: Nervous and hysterical symptoms. Asthma. Affections of spleen.

Head: Fear of trains and close places. Headache, lachrymation, sneezing.

Respiratory: Asthma, incipient phthisis, chronic bronchitis, pains in chest. Whooping-cough.


Compare: Do not confound with Ambergris (Ambra griseaAmbr). Succinicum acidumSucc-ac (Hay-fever. Paroxysmal sneezing, dropping of watery mucus from nostrils; asthma. Inflammation through respiratory tract; causing asthma, chest pains, etc; itching of eyelids and canthi and nose worse drafts. Use 6 to 30th potency).

Compare: Arundo donaxArund, Wyethia helenoidesWye, SabadillaSabad, Sinapis nigraSin-n.

Dose: Third trituration. Five drop doses of the oil.