Thea chinensis (Thea)




Generals: Nervous sleeplessness, heart troubles, palpitation, and dyspepsia of old tea-drinkers. Produces most of the sick headaches Tabacum antidotal (Allen).

Head: Temporary mental exaltation. Ill-humored. Sick headache radiating from one point. Sleepless and restless. Hallucinations of hearing. Cold damp feeling at back of head.

Stomach: Sinking sensation at epigastrium. Faint, gone feeling (Sep; Hyd; Oleand). Craves acids. Sudden production of wind in large quantities.

Abdomen: Borborygmi liability to hernia.

Female: Soreness and tenderness in ovaries.

Heart: Anxious oppression. Praecordial distress. Palpitation; unable to lie on left side. Fluttering. Pulse rapid, irregular, intermittent.

Sleep: Sleepy in daytime; sleepiness at night, with vascular excitement and restlessness, and dry skin. Horrible dreams cause no horror.

Modalities: Worse, night, on walking in open air, after meals. Better warmth; warm bath.

Relations: Antidote: Kali hypophosKali hypophos, ThujaThuja, Ferrum metallicumFerr, Kali hydKali hyd (Material doses for tea-taster's cough).

Dose: Third to thirtieth potency.

Theine 1/4-1/2 grain hypodermically for sciatica and supra-orbital neuralgia.