Thymolum (Thymol)

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Thyme Camphor


Generals: A remedy having a wide field in genito-urinary diseases. It is indicated in pathological emissions, priapism and prostatorrhoea. The provings show an action limited to the sexual organs, producing a typical sexual neurasthenia. Specific for hookworm disease (Chenopodium Glauci AphisChen).

Mental: Irritable, arbitrary, must have his own way. Craves company. Energy gone.

Back: Tired, aching throughout lumbar region. Worse, mental and physical labor.

Male: Profuse, nightly, seminal emissions with lascivious dreams of a perverted character. Priapism. Urinary burning and subsequent dribbling of urine. Polyuria. Urates increased. Phosphates decreased.

Sleep: Awakes tired and unrefreshed. Lascivious and fantastic dreams.


Compare: Carbon tetrachlorideCarbon tetrachloride as a remedy for Hookworms, according to Dr. Lambert, Suva, Fiji who employed it in 50,000 cases.

  1. Carbon tetrachloride is a vermifuge and vermicide of great potency, and has shown itself to be the best vermifuge for the treatment of hookworm in a country where the disease predominates.
  2. It gives little discomfort to the patient, is palatable, required no preparation of the patient, and when pure is apparently not toxic-all of which features are of advantage in a popular campaign.

"W. G. Smillie, and S. B. Pessoa, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, also have found carbon tetrachloride to be extremely efficient in removing hookworms. A single dose of 3 Cc given to adults has been proved to remove 95 per cent of all the hookworms harbored".


Worse: mental and physical labor.

Dose: Sixth attenuation.