Agrostemma githago (Agro)

Lychnis garbage. Corn-cockle. N. O. Caryophyllaceæ. Trituration of the seeds, which are poisonous and contain Saponine. Preparations of an active principle Githargin

Clinical: Gastritis. Paralysis. Tenesmus

Characteristics: Our knowledge of this plant is derived almost entirely from cases of poisoning in persons who have eaten bread containing the seeds. Sensations of burning predominate. There is also vertigo and headache and in some cases coma. Locomotion is impaired, and there is difficulty in remaining erect

Relations: Compare: Lathyrus sativus (& Lathyrus cicera)Lath, Secale cornutumSec


2. head: Vertigo. Headache. Sensation of heat and burning rises into vertex from l. lower jaw; almost makes her crazy

8. mouth: Mouth dry and hot. Palate has a red margin. Burning on palate in a short time (Githargin)

11. stomach: Nausea and vomiting. Burning from stomach along œsophagus to throat and in chest. Knife-like pains in stomach at times

13. stool and rectum: Constipation with tenesmus. Diarrhœa with tenesmus. Burning in bowels and rectum

20. back: Tearing along spine

24. generalities: Difficult to remain erect. Locomotion impaired