Ammonium benzoicum (Am-be)

Benzoate of Ammonia. NH4 C7 H5 O2. Solution in distilled water

Clinical: Albuminuria. Dropsy. Gout. Indigestion. Ranula. Rheumatism

Characteristics: The chief symptoms of this salt (which has been proved) are: Head heavy, stupid. Urine scanty; smoky. Pight kidney sensitive to pressure. Gout with fluid in great toe-joint or with lithates. The right side is most affected

Relations: It is similar in its action to the Ammonias and to Benzoicum acidumBenz-ac. Also to Gnaphalium polycephalumGnaph (gouty concretions), CausticumCaust, Terebinthiniae oleumTer, Urtica urensUrt-u


3. eyes: Feeling of swelling and soreness, apparently in the puncta and saccus lachrymalis. Lids swollen

8. tongue: Swelling under tongue, r. side, like ranula

11. stomach: Eructation of food without acidity, with apparent weakness of digestion, or acid eructations. Increased warmth in stomach

14. urinary organs: Sensation of internal soreness on pressure in leaning the back against the cushioned back of a carriage in region of r. kidney. Bloated face, eyelids swollen, head heavy, stupid; urine scanty smoky. (Albuminuria.). Urine smoky-looking, scanty, strong-smelling

17. respiratory organs: Increased mucus in larynx causes frequent hawking and spitting

20. back: Pains across sacrum, with urgency to stool