Ammonium phosphoricum (Am-p)

AmmoniƦ phosphas. Hydro-diammonic phosphate (NH4)2 HPO4 Solution

Clinical: Facial paralysis. Gout. Joints, concretions on

Characteristics: This salt has been used in cases of chronic gout with nodes of urate of soda on the joints. C. Voigt took three grains of Ammonium phosphoricumAm-p, with this result: In about an hour, attacked by a sense of tightness in the precordia and around the chest; nausea; thirst; a hard, small, frequent pulse; and a collapsed state of the circulation. Afterwards, fulness and tension in head; heaviness in limbs; unsteady, tottering gait. Allen says it has been used with success in some cases of facial paralysis