Ampelopsis quinquefolia (Ampe-qu)

Source Information

Ampelopsis quinquefolia. Virginia Creeper. American Ivy. N. O. VitaceƦ. Tincture of plant. Decoction of chopped inner bark

Clinical: Cholera. Dropsy. Hoarseness. Hydrocele

Characteristics: Our pathogenetic knowledge of Ampelopsis quinquefoliaAmpe-qu is due to observations on two children poisoned by chewing the leaves. They were quickly seized with violent vomiting and purging, with considerable tenesmus; then collapse, sweating, and faint pulse; then deep sleep for two hours, from which they were aroused by return of vomiting and purging. There was dilatation of pupil for hours after commencement of attack

Hansen gives as an indication: "Chronic hoarseness inpatients who were scrofulous in their youth." S. M. Worthington has cured with it renal dropsies that had resisted other treatment and a case of hydrocele. He found the decoction the most efficient preparation

Relations: Compare: Agnus castusAgn (botan.); Aethusa cynapiumAeth.