Anthoxanthum odoratum (Antho)

Source Information

Anthoxanthum odoratum. Sweet Vernal Grass. (Europe and America.) N. O. Gramineæ. Tincture of fresh flowering herb

Clinical: Coryza. Hay-fever

Characteristics: This remedy has not been proved, but has been used with success on the clinical indication of the effects produced by the pollen grains on those subject to hay-fever. It is used both locally and internally. A popular remedy for hay-fever is "hay tea," a decoction made of hay itself

Relations: Compare: Allium cepaAll-c, Arsenicum albumArs, NaphthaNapht, SabadillaSabad, PsorinumPsor; and its botanical allies, Anatherum muricatumAnath, Avena sativaAven, Arundo donaxArund, Lolium temulentumLol, and Saccharum album / officinaleSac-alb.