Apocynum androsaemifolium (Apoc-a)

Source Information

Spreading Dogbane. N. O. Apocynaceæ. Tincture from the root

Clinical: Diarrhœa. Dropsy. Nausea. Neuralgia of face. Vomiting. Wandering rheumatism. Worms

Characteristics: It has been proved in large! doses, and its most prominent symptoms Are: Trembling of the body. Prostration and trembling. Swollen sensations of face and body. Swelling of hands and feet; showing its relation to dropsical states like Apocynum cannabinumApoc and Strophanthus hispidusStroph Heaviness with great desire to sleep. Flying pains in different parts. Itching of body and face. Acute rheumatism with great stiffness. General rheumatic pains. Profuse sweat of whole body. The pains go from above downward; are < when breathing; and on turning to left side. Hale has cured with it rheumatic gout: "Acute pains in the joints attended with cramps, bilious stools and flying pains in the teeth. The tincture in drop-doses has been known to expel ascarides and other worms." It has been used for expelling renal calculi and gravel

Relations: Compare: Bryonia albaBry, Iris versicolorIris, Colchicum autumnaleColch, Benzoicum acidumBenz-ac. Also: Apocynum cannabinumApoc, Alstonia scholarisAlst-s, Strophanthus hispidusStroph (botan)


2. head: Pains and stiffness in back of head and neck

5. nose: Everything smelled like honey

6. face: Twitching in face. Violent pain in l. zygoma

7, 8. teeth and mouth: Pains in all teeth of l. lower jaw. Most delightful taste in the mouth

11, 12. stomach and abdomen: Vomiting and purging; > from copious evacuation. Shooting pain in l. groin. Constipation

14, 16. urinary and sexual organs: Profuse flow of clear urine. Profuse menstruation lasting eight days with violent pressing pain

21. limbs: Swelling of hands and feet. Most violent pains in all the joints. Much pain in knee and r. shoulder. Cramps and burning in soles. Severe pain in joint of l. big toe