Apomorphinum (Apom)

An alkaloid obtained from Morphia, but containing one equivalent less of water
C17 H17 NO2 (Morphine is C17 H19 NO3). Solution

Clinical: Alcoholism. Opium habit. Pregnancy, vomiting of. Sea-sickness. Vomiting, cerebral; reflex

Characteristics: Apomorphine contains the emetic properties of Opium. It causes very rapid vomiting, most rapid when injected subcutaneously. Vomiting without previous nausea. Drowsiness. Faintness. The peculiarity of the vomiting is its suddenness, completeness, and the absence of pain or continued nausea. It has been used with success in cases of sympathetic vomiting, and from pressure of a tumour on the brain. Halbert has given ApomorphinumApom 3x with success in a desperate case of combined alcoholism and opism. The symptoms were constant nausea; constipation; insomnia; delirious headache; extreme emaciation; pronounced hysteria

Relations: Compare: Opium (crudum)Op, IpecacuanhaIp, Antimonium tartaricumAnt-t, Cerium oxalicumCer-ox.