Aqua marina (Aq-mar)

Source Information

Sea-water. Dilutions

Clinical: Biliousness. Constipation. Headache. Sea-sickness. Seaside, effects of

Characteristics: Aq. mar. has been principally used (in high potencies) for the effects of residence near the sea (as biliousness, constipation, headache, etc.). It has been used in wineglassful doses and also in potencies as a remedy for sea-sickness. It has been proved by C. Wesselhœft. Among the symptoms were: Neuralgic pains down right temple and forehead. Faceache left side; cold water intolerable. Sensation of a hair or fishbone in throat, tickling and urging to swallow, causing cough, which does not relieve. Pain on swallowing, extending to ear and temples. Nausea; and nauseous sensation in stomach and abdomen. This symptom seems peculiar: "Constant hawking and raising of phlegm, tough and white like cotton." The leading indication for it is: < at seaside; or on the sea

Relations: Compare: Natrium muriaticumNat-m, ChlorumChlor (but in addition to its chief ingredient, sea-water contains in solution every inorganic substance in the world); also Silica marinaSil-mar