Benzoin oderiferum (Benzo)

Lindera Benzoin. Laurus Benzoin. Benzoin oderiferum. Spice bush. Fever-bush. N. O. Lauraceae. Tincture of twigs.

Clinical: Fever. Hair, oiliness of. Vertigo.

Characteristics: The symptoms of Benzoin oderiferumBenzo as shown in a short proving somewhat resemble those of Laurocerasus. Empty sensation at the stomach and lower part of bowels. < On lying down: head swims, with sinking sensation which makes lying down in bed unpleasant. The hair is oily. Feverish. < After sleep. Sense of touch fine, quick and pleasant.


Compare: Lachesis mutaLach (< after sleep).


1. mind: Unpleasant, fearful feeling.

2. head: Hair oily.

11, 12. stomach and abdomen: Wakes from sleep with a sick feeling in stomach and bowels; tired feeling; turns often in bed at night. Empty feeling in stomach and lower part of bowels.

13. stool: Soft stool, with pain before stool in lower bowel.

14. urinary organs: Urine more frequent, small quantity, dark colour; had to rise twice in night to urinate.

23. lower limbs: Hips feel crushed. Pains in knees. Feet and legs cold up to knees; remained cold in bed.