Boletus satanas (Bol-s)

Source Information

N. O. Fungi. Trituration.

Clinical: Diarrhoea membranosa. Dysentery.

Characteristics: There are two fragmentary provings of this fungus, and observations on six persons poisoned. It produces gastro-enteric disturbances very similar to that of its two relatives.


1. mind: Fear and restlessness.

3. eyes: Sparks before eyes alternating with obscuration of vision.

8, 9. mouth and throat: Troublesome dryness in mouth and throat. Violent burning and scraping in throat.

11. stomach: Unquenchable thirst. Sudden desire to vomit; no nausea between attacks. Vomited twenty times in three hours. Frightful pain in stomach.

12. abdomen: Abdomen sunken and frightfully painful. Obstinate tension of abdomen.

13. stool: A profuse diarrhoea of blood, and of the mucous lining of the intestines. Watery evacuations.

24. generalities: Sudden sensation through all his limbs as if he would be attacked with apoplexy. Violent and extremely painful cramps in the muscles of the limbs and face. Faintness while vomiting. Limbs cold; cold sweat over whole body.