Calcarea bromata (Calc-br)

Bromide of Calcium. Ca Br2.

Clinical: Brain, congestion of. Fretfulness. Irritability. Sleeplessness.

Characteristics: Calcarea bromataCalc-br. is an unproved remedy, recommended by Hale in a variety of children's complaints. Suited to children who are of lax fibre, lymphatic, nervous, and irritable. As both Bromine and Calcarea are suited to fair-haired and fat children the combination appears to intensify the effect. Gastric, intestinal, and cerebral irritation in such children. Vomiting, diarrhoea, sleeplessness, fretfulness, and tendency to brain disease.



BelladonnaBell., Aethusa cynapiumAeth., Calcarea carbonicaCalc., BromumBrom.