Calcarea iodata (Calc-i)

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Iodide of Lime. Ca I2.

Clinical: Cancer. Consumption. Flatulence. Glandular swellings. Headache. Mollities ossium. Tumours of the breast.

Characteristics: Calcarea iodataCalc-i. has had a short proving, but it has been used mostly on indications suggested by its two components in the diseases named above. It is similar to Baryta iodataBar-i. in its action on enlarged glands, and is especially indicated for enlarged tonsils honey-combed with little crypts. Riding against a cold wind = headache. C. L. Nicholls has cured a number of cases of breast tumour with the 3x; nodular tumours, movable, tender to touch, painful on moving arm.



Calcarea carbonicaCalc., Baryta carbonicaBar-c., Calcarea phosphoricaCalc-p., Carbo vegetabilisCarb-v.


1. mind: Indifference. Indolence.

2. head: Light-headed. Giddy headache. "Sensation as if the head wasn't, yet was.". Headache whilst riding against a cold wind. Constant, severe, dull headache, forehead and temples; < stooping. Sharp, piercing pain in r. temple.

8. mouth: Dry, furred feeling on lips and tongue. Bitter taste > by tobacco. Astringent taste.

11. stomach: Eructations; hiccough; nausea.

12. abdomen: Rumbling in bowels. Constant evacuation of large quantities of wind downwards.

25. skin: Itching in various parts, disappearing and reappearing in other parts, only > after much scratching.