Calcarea ovi testae (Calc-o-t)

Egg-shell. Trituration of the shell, not including its lining membrane.

Clinical: Leucorrhoea. Warts.

Characteristics: This preparation of Calcarea has been used in preference to others in cases of simple bland leucorrhoea. Water in which eggs have been boiled is popularly supposed to have the property of causing warts if brought in contact with the hands. This suggests Calcarea ovi testaeCalc-o-t. as possibly the best Calcarea preparation to prescribe in cases of warts. No doubt Calcarea ovi testaeCalc-o-t. has the general properties of Calc-c ostrearCalc-c ostrear. (i.e., ordinary Calcarea carbonicaCalc.), but it has been little used clinically, "Backache, as if broken in two," is a keynote.