Cheiranthus cheiri (Cheir)

Source Information

Common Wallflower. N. O. Cruciferae. Tincture.

Clinical: Deafness. Wisdom-teeth, effects of cutting.

Characteristics: Our knowledge of the medicinal use of Cheiranthus cheiriCheir. is due to Dr. Cooper. The cases cured with it are as follows: (1) Young man, deafness and Otorrhoea left side. Is cutting three wisdom teeth. Cured by two doses of Ø given at six weeks' interval. (2) Girl, 22, deaf after measles, cutting wisdom teeth. Greatly improved. (3) Girl, 20, used to taking purgative pills, had pain in lower back, jaundiced appearance, bilious feeling, sickness of stomach. Cheiranthus cheiriCheir. removed the symptoms at once. Cooper considers as a keynote of the remedy, "Nose stopped at night from irritation of cutting wisdom teeth."



(Botan.) Armor., Sinapis alba (var. alba)Sin-a, Brassica napus oleiferaBrass, Raphanus sativusRaph. (wisdom teeth) Magnesium carbonicumMag-c., Ferrum picricumFerr-pic.

Causation: Cutting wisdom teeth.