Chimaphila maculata (Chim-m)

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Spotted Wintergreen. N. O. Pyroleae, a tribe of the Ericaceae. Tincture of root and leaves, or of fresh plant in flower.

Clinical: Angina pectoris. Diarrhoea. Headache. Sore-throat. Tongue, stiffness of. Toothache. Worm-fever.

Characteristics.r[chim-m]: has been proved independently of Chimaphila umbellataChim. Some symptoms of Chim. rotundChim. rotund are included. An intense gnawing hunger is a leading symptom. Burning fever; blood feels heated. The throat and tonsils are strongly affected. Headache < on lying down. Feels better in warm room. Suited to mild, amiable, refined, sensitive, intellectual persons.



PulsatillaPuls., Chimaphila umbellataChim.


1. mind: Becomes partially unconscious, feels like fainting, as if brain paralysed, mind gone (Chim. rotundChim. rotund).

2. head: Sudden headache above eyes; with dim vision; light-headed; lying down. Frontal headache with fulness in stomach and belching; with pain in bowels; wants head pressed on.

7. teeth: Hollow teeth ache, < eating.

8. mouth: Tongue feels stiff and thick in middle, cannot raise it Chim. rotund).

9. throat: Tensive pain in throat on swallowing; swollen tonsils.

10, 11. appetite and stomach: Extreme gnawing hunger. Feels drunk as if stomach burnt up with liquor; as if hard, dry, and tough, and as if rennet would be good for it (Chim. rotundChim. rotund).

13. stool: Diarrhoea, with worm-fever.

14. urinary organs: Rises in night to urinate.

19. heart: Angina with stupor.

21. limbs: Limbs feel full, as if distended. Sensation of swelling in armpits; pain from armpits to scapulae.

27. fever: Fever with burning hot skin and thirst. Blood as if heated with prickling. Cold, damp feet in evening.